Public Affairs


diflucan to buy uk buy sertraline 100mg online doxycycline for sale uk zyban online bestellen generic name for xenical When you are navigating complex legislative issues and regulatory battles, it takes more than a map to get where you need to be. And to everyone else, stay tuned for our next giveaways?

It takes someone who has been there before. It takes someone like Ballard Everett who knows how to navigate through the maze of government officials and agencies to get your desired results. Ballard Everett & Associates, a Raleigh-based public affairs company, is a leader in the field of developing support for your legislative or regulatory issue. We know how to make your voice heard. With more than 40 years of experience in Republican politics, Ballard knows how to navigate the increasingly complicated maze of government bureaucracy. He provides you with political and public policy advice and helps you build a clear and consise message. More importantly, he knows how to guide you to the right people and decision makers. Our services include:

• Coalition Development
• Grassroots and Grasstops campaigns
• Polling
• Social Media
• Broadcast and Cable TV
• Radio
• Direct Mail

Ballard Everett helps his clients define their message and tell their story. If you need to build support for a legislative issue or get an answer from a state agency, contact Ballard Everett & Associates.

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